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Racial Equity Investing: What it is and Why it Matters

Not so long ago it would have been difficult to hear the words racial equity and investing mentioned in the same sentence. In recent years though, as has been the case with other categories of sustainable/ESG and impact investing strategies — think climate change, disarmament, energy, and women's rights — professional investors are increasingly not just talking about it but starting to explicitly consider racial equity as an investable theme. At the same time, their clients are placing more and

8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Financial Advisor

Choosing a Financial Advisor can be a fraught decision because there’s a lot riding on it. Before they hire us, prospective clients almost always ask these questions: “What will my costs be?, “Do I have enough money to work with an Advisor?” and “What can we expect from working with you?” Read on for our answers and other thoughts on making the decision to work with a Financial Advisor, how to choose the right one for you, and what to expect once you’ve hired someone. 1. How do I know if it ma

Gender-Lens Investing: What it is and Why it Matters

Is it just me, or are you tired of seeing Women’s History Month posts that are some version of “thanks to all the wonderful women in my life;” “look how far we’ve come; or “a salute to she-roes?” There’s nothing wrong with those sentiments. But if you want to really impact women in ways that go beyond words, start directing your money to funds and investments that prioritize improving women’s well-being. It’s called gender-lens investing, and it aims to both boost gender equality and achieve in

Reality Smites: Gen X Women & Personal Finances

Gen X women are worried. When it comes to the financial future, research shows retirement is our biggest concern. But managing monthly cash flow, paying down debt, and setting aside funds to pay children’s college costs — while often also taking care of aging parents — are on our minds too. The worries are real. And, as Ada Calhoun covers in her book, Why We Can’t Sleep, they’re keeping many of us in the “sandwich generation” up at night. But they don’t have to. Taking control of your personal

Four Things The New York Times Gets Wrong About Impact Investing

By Keith Beverly, CFA, CFP(R), MBA, Managing Partner and CIO, and Deborah Adeyanju, CFA, Associate Planner and Impact Strategist Having been in the impact investing space for a while now, when we see headlines like this recent one in The New York Times, “Investing in Social Good Is Finally Becoming Profitable,” we are beyond frustrated. Not only does the article get several points wrong, its biggest error, one shared by many, is that there is a tradeoff between investing for impact and achievin

The Fiduciary Standard: Clear As Mud?

As more and more clients and prospects ask about GRID’s fiduciary status, one thing that’s become clear to us is confusion around what the term means, why it’s important, and which advisors are fiduciaries. There is good reason for that confusion. Muddying the waters regarding financial advisors’ responsibility to clients has long been a feature, not a bug, of some parts of the financial industry. But why exactly is conflict-free advice still up for debate? A fiduciary is someone who acts on s

Plum Homeowner: @debtalkswine (Oakland, CA)

I live in a 713 square foot one bedroom condo in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland, CA. You at the time of purchase I bought my home in 2013. At the time, I worked in the wine industry and wasn’t making much. I assumed that the odds of finding anything in my price range were slim. Why did you choose to purchase when you did? I wanted to start building equity. The Bay Area was booming, and renting was stressful. There were lots of packed open houses for subpar places. The rental search wa

Building A Financial Future: Women & Wealth

Financial Women of San Francisco Contributed by Deborah Adeyanju, CFA, Founder, Creative Financial Writing What’s the single most important thing to do to build a successful financial future? That was one of the questions asked, and answered, at the Financial Women of San Francisco’s (FWSF) Women & Wealth Panel on Tuesday, February 11. The powerhouse panel featured Elaine Martyn, Vice President, Relationship Management for the Private Donor Group at Fidelity Charitable®, Susan Mazzetti, Vice President and

Marketplace Loans And Institutional Investors: A Match Made in Heaven? - LendingClub Blog

In this issue of Marketplace Insights, we focus on the dynamics driving institutional investors to marketplace loans. As the marketplace lending industry continues to develop, institutional investors are increasing their allocations to it, putting billions of dollars to work in the sector. Why are institutional investors interested in marketplace loans and how are they accessing them? The marketplace loan industry has experienced rapid growth since its inception 12 years ago, powering the emer

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